People often have questions which we try to explain below.

Why might I be due a tax refund?

If you have ever changed employment within the year, worn a uniform to perform your job, paid subscription/union fees and/or been issued with a non-generic tax code (or an emergency code) – you may be eligible for a large tax refund.

I wear a uniform for work, what am I claiming for?

If your employer provides you with a uniform and you are expected to take care of it yourself HMRC considers that there is a cost associated with this on which you can claim tax relief. HMRC has a standard rate of £60 for this cost, which you can claim tax relief on. The tax relief is usually 20% of the allowance, plus some interest for earlier years. 

What is a uniform for tax purposes?

In order to claim you need to be required to wear something that is “discernibly a uniform”. What this means is, if you were out in the street would a member of the general public recognise you as wearing a uniform, or would they think you were wearing your own clothes?

Examples of clothing that would be clearly identified as a uniform are as follows: Nurse, policeman, fireman, maid, etc.

In addition if you are required to wear clothing branded by your employer, with logos, the company name etc, this would also be a uniform. Many employers have these items, a plain polo shirt could become a uniform if it had corporate logos.

If you are required to wear protective clothing such as a high viz jacket or safety shoes you can claim for this whether it has logos or not as you are wearing it to ensure your personal safety when doing your job.

Doesn’t my employer include these deductions?

Not necessarily. It is the taxpayers responsibility to ensure that all tax relief has been correctly claimed and included in his/her tax code.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

Approximately 8 to 12 weeks. A claim for work related expenses or a request for additional information from the tax office may impact the processing time.

I have received an assessment from HMRC but not a cheque?

HMRC will send you an assessment for each tax year that you are due a refund. The final amount due will be shown on the most recent assessment (previous years refunds are carried forward to the most recent year claimed). We will send you a cheque within 4-5 weeks from the date of your assessment less our fees. This will depend on the date of our next cheque run.

What are your charges?

We operate on a no refund, no fee basis. This means that if you are not due a tax refund, there is no fee for our service. We will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your tax code has been reviewed and is correct – all for FREE. Any refunds received incur a fee of 26% (including VAT) of the refund plus a processing charge of either £12.50 or £19.95 depending on whether you lodged your claim directly with us or spoke to one of our agents.. There are NO hidden fees. You will receive 100% of the increase to your net pay going forward.

Do you ask for bank details via email or SMS?

No. We NEVER request bank details. If you have received an email or SMS which has requested any information in relation to your bank account, then please delete immediately.

Do you have a phone number?

Yes – 03004 000044 – please bear with us during busy periods.

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Success stories

  • Pauline from Slough received £1,118.44

  • Gareth from London received £651.25

  • Craig from Hull received £1,265.54

  • Clare from Stockport received £395.91

  • Andrew from Barnsley received £307.25

  • Tariq from Stockport received £598.00

  • Karolina from Slough received £196.13

  • Ryan from Manchester received £395.91

  • Alan from Fleet received £456.17

  • Samantha from Hyde received £385.26